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The World Health Organization considers smoking the main cause of preventable death in developing countries. Thus, it is hard to understand why health care systems don’t organize strong campaigns to raise awareness and focus on smoking prevention and treatment.
Smoking has a strong influence on cardiovascular, pulmonary and neoplastic disease, among others.
So why not focusing on the importance of prevention and/or treatment of this complicated addiction? Smoking cessation is a complex process which depends on endless factors with different characteristics for each smoker. Thus, we suggest individual therapy for each patient, consisting on an initial interview followed by weekly appointments for at least two months.
Smoking cessation treatments are more successful now than a few years ago. This is because it is possible to adapt a particular treatment to each patient, depending on each special case.
It is important to take into account that smoking is related to three kinds of addiction: chemical, psychological and social, which makes appointments related to this problem to be significantly longer than ordinary ones.
Lastly, it is important to remember that our main purpose is to offer smoking patients an opportunity to cease this addiction, thus leading to a decrease of the possibility of a long list of health problems known by everyone as well as a reduction of health expenses.

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