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ACTIVE LIFE program for companies


It consists of: :

1- Initial clinical assessment based on previous clinical studies which are already available in the company’s health area, and medical history of each patient.

2- Medical examinations every 2 months (which may be done in groups and not necessarily at the same time).

3- Respiratory assessment according to need.

4- Electrocardiographies according to doctor’s advice.

5- Two-month nutritional assessment.

6- Nutritional advice regarding cooking methods and the selection of varied menus according to need (at least three) using available raw material.

7- Group exercise plan after employees’ fitness analysis and work group selection according to their shifts.

8- Six-month reports of each employee, including:
– Clinician’s final assessment, goals set, achieved and to be achieved, conclusions and medical advice.
– Nutritionist’s final assessment, goals set, achieved and to be achieved, and suggestions.
– Physical final assessment, goals achieved and to be achieved, and suggestion of a plan to follow according to progress.
Up to now we have incorporated the following:
– Complete clinical analysis laboratory.
– Informative and preventive talks related to clinical, respiratory and endocrinology medicine (Diabetes).
– Agreement with CIPADI (a Diabetes Care and Prevention Integral Center) which allows the inclusion of a Hyperglycemia-Diabetes screening within the ACTIVE LIFE plan and two-month glycemia monitoring with the use of glucometers through electrophoresis for employees. General reports together with ACTIVE LIFE report. In this case, after the first screening, follow-up examinations will be carried out if they are recommended by the person in charge of the health area of the company.
– Agreements with gyms and swimming-pools which offer discounts for ACTIVE LIFE members.
All the activities will be done in the company, prior agreement on the convenient way and timetable for both institutions. Clinical and nutritional examinations should be done every two months at least, since we consider this is the most appropriate procedure for clinical pathologies control and eating disorders, and it allows us to take action if necessary. In order to provide a good service, we have specific administration to organize the work scheme for ACTIVE LIFE.
In case of agreeing with the suggested work scheme, attention will be given to details consideration in order to work better and more accurately.

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