Adequate use of medication : Instituto Respirar

Method of Use

1. Take the inhaler with one hand.
2. Vigorously shake the inhaler to mix the drug within it and especially to remove adhesion of residue in the mouthpiece.
3. Remove the cap from the mouthpiece.
4. Hold the inhaler upright with your index finger on top. The plastic piece must face down between your thumb and your palm.
5. Place the mouthpiece about 1 – 2 cm away from your lips (or put your lips around the mouthpiece).
6. Make full expiration (blow) all the air from your lungs.
7. Slowly and deeply breathe in the drug again while you press down on the top of the canister with your index finger. The drug deposition must take place before your inspiration has finished.
8. Close your mouth and hold your breath for at least 10 seconds. Resume normal breathing after exhaling.
9. If you need to repeat the process, allow between 1 and 5 minutes between puffs.

This method allows the drug to travel deeply into your lungs, thus making it more effective, reducing the amount of drug ending up in your mouth and on your tongue. Also, it prevents patients from suffering from problems such as dryness of mouth, hoarseness and the presence of fungi.



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