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Respirar (Integral Pulmonology Medical Center) develops clinical pharmacology research protocols in phases 2, 3 and 4 in ambulatory patients.
Our physicians are qualified in research methodoloy, Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines within the current national and international guidelines framework.
Different sponsors and Independent Ethics committees have inspected our medical center and it has been approved and qualified to function as such.

Areas of interest



Infectious pathology of the respiratory system



Research Team:

Adult Pulmonology

Cristian Fazio M.D.
Alfredo Moran M.D.
Javier Abdala M.D.
Gabriela Giménez M.D.

Pediatric Pulmonology

Bárbara Manson M.D.
Cardiology Sergio Cicarelli M.D.
ENT Sergio Sarradel M.D.
Clinical medicine Mario Velazquez M.D.
Bioquemistry Ethel A. Lucena M.D


Pulmonary function techniques
Coordinators and administrative assistants
Our technicians have been trained in GCP
Laboratory Staff follow IATA/ GCP guidelines




Dra Bárbara Manson –

Dr. Cristian Fazio –