Meeting with Experts : Instituto Respirar

The purpose of these meetings is to reflect over the doubts which arise from daily practice and whose answers are not found in world general consent medicine information.
Proper therapeutic and diagnosis resource optimization are extremely important. Thus, local and national well-known physicians have been invited to clarify doubts arising from our daily practice.
For pulmonologists, allergists, clinicians, surgeons, cardiologists, infectologists, otorhynolaryngologists and specialists in these areas.

List of topics::

–         - May 4th: “Solitary Pulmonary Nodule.” From image to treatment.

–         - May 24th: “The Mediastinum: what are we seeing, what can it be and what approach should be taken?”

–         - June 29th and 30th: COPD (Speaker from another province.)

–         - July 27th: CAP and admission to ICU: diagnostic criteria and current therapeutic scheme.”

–         - August 31st: “Pulmonary hypertension: diagnosis and treatment.”

–         - September 28th: “Asthma, from GINA to practice.” (Speaker from another province.)

–         - October 26th: Smoking: current situation and therapeutic options.” (Speaker from another province.)

–         - November 23rd: “Hay fever: what should we do when everything fails?”

–         - December 14th: “Lung cancer: assessment and future perspectives.”.

An email will be sent with the list of speakers.

Starting time: 8:30 pm.
Organized by: Instituto RESPIRAR, Barcala 160, Ciudad, Mendoza.
Telephone: (0261) 4239886; Fax (0261) 4201401
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